Headshots For the Masses: What to expect


When a client asks about doing a headshot session they often have the misconception that the photo process will be a long drawn out ordeal where in the end they get a mugshot or yearbook looking sort of image. Goodness, I used to think the very same thing. Having your headshot taken doesn't have to be a terrible process and for many it can be a little fun. Take it form a former camera conscious gal that hated being in photos.

I have just been through a long process with a large company where there were a grand total of 53 people who needed to have their photos taken for their new website. When I took the opportunity I was very under prepared, under priced, and very nervous. I have worked for a company that did high volume photography and am fairly familiar with what the operation needs to be considered a successful shoot, yet I found out very quickly that there is a huge difference between being the hired photographer that shows up to shoot and the business organizer that makes sure the details are all in place.

Having finished up the process this week, I am now able to say that I am well beyond prepared for another session of high volume headshots because of these 3 things:

1. I have a super simple lighting set up that provides my clients the ability to walk in and walk out in as little at 3 minutes. This is amazing for those that really don't need the extra time to perfect the pose and really just want to have the best snap shot necessary to represent them. In addition it also allows for us to take a few moments longer on those that are a bit more picky and really want to work with the camera to get the shot that reflects their personality. Overall a super simple set up with dynamic light equals a quick and painless headshot result.

2. I will forever and always take down names. Thanks to a wonderful assistant and a quick sign up sheet my high volume headshot sessions allow for an easy return to person in the photos as well as the company. With my records of who each person is I am able to allow them to pick their favorite image, send them the shot, and deliver the photos to the employer with a full record of who showed up for the session. That way if a few people aren't present we know who to add to the make up list.

3. A turn around time that impresses. One thing I have learned about editing headshots, is that for every 1 image taken it takes me 10 minutes to edit. This is due to the fact that I do retouch the image. That means I can turn out about 30 images the next day. This is fabulous because my clients don't have to sit around waiting to view the images and theoretically I can have about 120 images turned around by the end of the week.

Overall having your headshot really isn't that bad and if you have a larger company where you all need to get your photos updated we can make that happen in no time. Better quality than your typical yearbook photos, and less time spent waiting around to have your photos back in your hands ready to be used.

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