Wake Up With Passion: The Driving Force Of Doing What I Love


When I wake up, it’s show time!!

Some day's it can be hard to get up in the morning. You feel sluggish, the bed is nice and warm and comfy. Really the day is just going to hold a headache and maybe your boss has scheduled headshots for the office that day which means you're going to have to dress up and actually look presentable. Uggg! So, instead you roll over and decide to let the sleep monster encircle you for a little bit longer. What would happen if you instead devoted 30min to an hour in the morning to do some learning? You get up and invest some time into a skill you've always wanted to learn. A skill that is going to allow you serve others in a new way. How would that change your morning inner dialogue?

Tuesday’s are one of my favorite days. I get up at 5am and head straight to a Toasmaster's meeting to train myself for public speaking and communication. This gets me pumped up to execute everything during my day at that next level because I have to show up and perform at the highest level in order to serve my TM group. I leave the meeting having set myself up for a higher degree of personal development before 8am even rolls around.

Why do I get up and pursue public speaking skills at 6:30 in the morning?? My passion. My passion to build a creative career that serves others with the upmost care. To help my clients laugh during a photo session. To give my clients clear direction on how to achieve their creative vision. To perform and direct my clients so that they look and feel confident as they walk away from an interaction with me. Overall, my drive is to leave people better than when I found them.

What moves you to wake up and perform at your highest level? If you haven't yet found that fiery passion, what is a novelty skill that you are interested in? How can you make that your driving force to get up each day?

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