3 Tips For Feeling Confident In Photos: Love Your Look


WAIT! Actually please don’t wait... Many women ( and men) think "when I loose a little weight", "when my little tummy pooch gets flatter", "when my arms are a little more slender or more toned", then I’ll feel more confident to have my picture taken. We all have something. Something to be insecure about, but your power to have confidence starts with what you have, don’t wait...and if you’re worried about what other people will think, remind yourself, that what you perceive of yourself is not what others' perceive. What you find most embarrassing about yourself just may be what other's love most about you and find quite cute. Trust me you are stunningly beautiful just as you are.

Try these three things next time you are in front of the camera to be more confident in all of your photos:


Pick a side, any side, of your face that you feel looks best. ( pro tip : you usually part your hair this way, so pick the side that has more hair.) Always angle this side of your body towards the camera. For full body images place one foot in front of the other to pop one hip. The trick is to create an "s" shape with your body. Practice a few times in front of the mirror to find the perfect angle and stick to it when your photo is being taken.


If you're not very confident in front of a camera, I highly suggest that you stick to wearing an outfit that you feel confident and comfortable in. You know the one. When you put on that dress you own the world. When you wear those jeans men can't help but stare. Wear that outfit! Wear an outfit that you love, and your confidence will shine through so much more.


When I'm photographing people, I try my best to keep the mood light and entertaining. I'm not a natural comedian, but I've learned ways to make people laugh throughout my time. The more you relax into a photoshoot and let yourself go, the more fun you'll have, the more confident you will feel, and the nicer the photos will be. Have fun and you can't go wrong.

Overall you are beautiful just as you are and with a few simple tricks you can observe your very own beauty. I know for me, that was the difference between literally running away from the camera to stepping into the light and letting myself love the way I look, big booty, short legs, and all!

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