How Modeling Made Me Better: Lauren w/ Activated Law


What do you get when you cross a lawyer, two stylists, and a photographer?

A magical branding session! Here is the sneak peek into the brand session I did with Lauren of Activated Law. Lauren came in prepared and peppy even though she had been awake since 4am and had a birthday photo shoot proceeding our session together. Together we worked to keep the session effortless and fun!

Recently I have been modeling for other photographers so that I can get a feel for what my clients feel each time they step in front of my lens. Oh my goodness, I could feel the vulnerability oozing off of me and my awkward clumsy self kicked in the first time I was the center of a photographer's focus! I swear I stumbled around, defiantly had resting bitch face, and had no clue what to do with my hands. The photographer was very kind and helped me through the process, but it was apparent they had no regard to how weird I felt and simply directed me harshly, getting frustrated when I didn't just get it. It was a bit of a struggle. After that session I left feeling really bad about the session. It taught me that I will always respect my client and always demonstrate what I'd like them to do rather than ordering them around.

After that modeling experience I went home to learn more about posing. I took several Youtube University courses on modeling and then signed up for a few more modeling sessions. With a few more modeling sets under my belt, I feel much better about having my photo taken and got to experience other photographers with much more effective practices of directing me as the model. No I actually enjoy being the model from time to time! So what does this have to do with Lauren's brand session, Alexxis? Well I'm glad you asked! Lauren came ready to rock and roll for our session and we were able to create some killer shots together because when she showed up I knew just how to direct her as effortlessly as possible so she could have fun.

My decision to step into my clients shoes for a while has left me a better photographer and has offered Lauren a stunning set of images to boot.

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