Timeless Photos of You in the Present Moment

About Me

I grew up very camera shy and was dis-satisfied with every photo that was ever taken of me. I was the classic fake “cheeser” that parents know all too well. Sorry mom and dad! Growing up only intensified my dislike for having my photo taken because it seemed that no matter what I was always able to find something about myself I could criticize in the photo. I found that my self-image was getting in the way of photogenic ability. Thereafter, I soon fell in love with the art photography and decided that if I was to be a photographer I would have to learn how to have my picture taken as well.

While taking self portraits and eliminating my negative feelings toward having my picture taken I found that I love being in front of the camera as much as behind it. This lead me to a new and unique belief. My belief is that photography doesn’t have to be painful. In fact photography is an experience that can very much be enjoyed.

In the spirit of creating a true photographic experience, I offer some unique photo session opportunities for families, individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations. I find myself attending a lot of unique events and putting my entire 5 foot 2 self into my art. As a people person and an introvert, my art is unique. From the time we meet to the time we finish taking photos all of my energy goes into our interactions together. Once the session is over the introvert in me has time to recharge by driving to the library, tea in hand, to pour over your images and bring them to life with beautiful, creative edits. This balance is what brings your personal story to life.

My Style

I am a “Making the Moment” lifestyle photographer. I thrive when taking the unplanned, creative action shots of the moment, candidly capturing laughter and fun, but on the other hand I appreciate the posed portrait side as well. You’ll often find me walking around behind the scenes or playfully recreating fun poses and playing pretend in front of the camera. I will be your creative director if you will. As my all time favorite creative director, Walt Disney, once said:

"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever."

Disney points to three things that never grow old and will last forever. Laugh, imagine, and dream because it's timeless, ageless, and goes on forever. Your very own timeless beauty is what I wish to share with you.